Monday, April 4, 2011

Solid Granny Square Blanket

Hello everyone, It has been a while and I apologise for not having blogged sooner. I wanted to share this blanket that I completed last year in September 2010. This is my first large crochet project. 
I had a lot of spare wool that I hadn't used and decided to make a blanket to use up all the excess. I started browsing online for ideas and tutorials and came across this tutorial by Crochet Mania Theresa . Her video tutorials that have been posted on YouTube. They are very useful and helped me to get to grips with learning certain crochet techniques. (A huge thank you to Theresa). 
I worked a solid granny (as listed in her tutorial) Solid Granny Motif .

I continued to work the granny square by changing colour and working three rounds of double crochet . I used a crochet hook size 3.5mm (UK). I continued working the granny square by working three rounds in each colour I had. The wool is all Dk Bonus wool that was ordered from Peachey Ethnits .
The blanket formed a perfect square. It looked fine as it was but I wanted a rectangle blanket, some thing to throw over my bed or throw over a sofa. I decided to continue the colour stripes width ways at each end of the blanket. I worked three rows of each colour to match what I had already crocheted. 
                                 The blanket has been laid on my single bed.
I used a total of 13 colours. The border was blanket stitched in black wool.

It is amazing to see this now and see how far I have come. I see errors in this blanket that I never saw before but I love it all the same and that's what makes it so special to me. I reflect on my early work and like the simplicity and effectiveness of this blanket. It looks far more complicated than it actually was to make. All that is required is time and determination to keep going (especially when it starts to get larger and each round takes that much longer to do).

Yup. This is 'My Tiny Box Room'.

Here it is on show in my very neutrally coloured room. I reckon the colours POP ! and SPLASH ! and it brings my room to life.

Here is a sneaky peak of a project underway...
Afrikaan Flower.

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