Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ripple Blanket

After many months of getting a busy Christmas out of the way I am updating you with a project I started on the 10th December 2011 and finished on the 15th January 2012.
My friend, NellieP and I decided to both conquest a ripple blanket. As usual we went full on and went for blankets that were the size of a king sized beds !
We both decided to go for colours that represented the seas, rivers and oceans. I hope you like this blanket as much as I do.

Here is a selection of colours I was deciding on. All of wool is Stylecraft Special DK from Mason's haberdashery.
There are a few balls of Twinkle that I never ended up using in the blanket.
The 'Ripple' blanket pattern was obtained from Attic24's neat ripple pattern. ( A big thank you to Lucy at Attic24 for listing free tutorials)

Here are some more images of the final blanket.

The Ripple blanket takes up pretty much all the floor space in our living room. I think I have done pretty well achieving a blanket of this size in such short a space of time!

Statistics about the blanket: It measures 212cm in length and 242cm in width.
I used these colours :
Greens                                 Blues                        Other shades
Bottle 1009                       Aster 1003                White 1001              
Khaki 1027                       Midnight 1011           Black 1002
Green 1116                      Cloud Blue 1019       Graphite 1063
Teal 1062                         Sherbert 1034            Silver 1203
Meadow 1065                  Turquoise 1068              
Spring green 1316            Royal 1117
Mint 956                          Denim 1302
Emerald 916                    Aspen 1422
Lime 882
Bottle Green 839
These are the websites I use to purchase my wool supplies :
Mason's, Peachey Ethknits, Purplelinda. 956,916,882,839 were all purchased from Peachey Ethknits.

I hope you like my new blanket. I have another blanket that I have started that will be blogged very soon.  x Happy hooking !