Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Dark Knight

Hi all, I wanted to share this guy with you. He is probably one of my favourite comic book characters. He is none other than the 'Caped crusader', the 'Dark knight', the sultry, moody, man of very few words, 'Batman'.
I made this Ami for a little guy called Isaac. This was his back up Christmas gift last year when the snow had held up everyone's deliveries. Batman took me roughly 7 hours to do in total. I made him over a few days. The most difficult part for me was his hair. I wanted him to be Bruce Wayne when the cowl was removed and wanted his hair to be neat and slicked back. (That was a challenge let me tell you !) On the first head I attempted the hair looked awful ! Bruce looked like a monk ! ha ! (see below)

First head attempt

I was discussing with my friends at work the colour of Batman's eyes. In the film's he is mostly portrayed with brown eyes and dark hair. Batman's statistic say that he has black hair and blue eyes. Batman's Statistics. ...So in went some bright baby blue safety eyes. I used DK wool in mid grey, black, flesh tone and sunflower yellow. The mouth was embroidered with tapestry thread. Batman's logo was cut out of some black felt material.

I really hope you all like the 'Dark Knight'. If I had more time I would have liked to have crafted him some batarangs ! By the way the little boy, Isaac loved his new toy.


  1. "I am the... Batman."

    Love it, great job!!!

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  3. Ha ! You Joker! ....Thanks.. Remember you are my number one !